100 Years: Alpha Kappa Alpha



5 thoughts on “100 Years: Alpha Kappa Alpha

  1. There are some items in this post that are extremely incorrect. AKA did not participate in the Womens Suffrage March – Delta Sigma Theta did. And someone needs to check the accuracy of the 200,000 members and 49,000 active in over 950 chapters. That’s not true either. If your source was Wikipedia then you are already on the wrong track. Try reading the history book instead.

  2. Actually, Alpha Kappa Alpha women did participate in the Womens’ Suffrage March of 1913 in DC. A Delta Sigma Theta woman was the main organizer, however, she asked AKA women to march as well. (She became a Delta in 1914 after she had organized the 1913 march) So dear Delta, Mary Church Terrell thought it was more important that women of color work together for the greater good, than keep on worrying about which sorority did what. Delta’s focus was on politics and AKA’s focus was on local education and health. However, the sorority women of 1913 all thought it more important that women be enfranchised, so that they might overcome some of the limits put on their existence. All of them realized sorority issues were of no matter if their voices were not heard. Also AKA has over 200,000 members but the number of chapters is off. I’m not sure of the exact number but it is closer to 750. Over 28,000 members were in attendance at the 100 year celebration in DC this past July.

  3. We also have a little over 58,000 members financial and active. That came directly from the South Atlantic Regional conference of 2009. NOT to get caught up on numbers because we strive for quality not quantity….

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