The Mount: Home of Edith Wharton


6 thoughts on “The Mount: Home of Edith Wharton

  1. I’ve been meaning to read The Buccaneers ever since I read about it in the Anglomania book. This was an excellent post. Your description of The Mount gave me a great visual.

    If the house is facing foreclosure, maybe the restoration group should open the house as a writer’s refuge/hotel/conference location. I bet that would garner a lot of money and would uphold the prestige of the place as being primarily for the writer at heart. But then, maybe that’s not part of their contract with their creditors. I’m sure there are a lot of papers they would have to fill out and fees and taxes to pay in order to re-zone the place as a hotel/conference location. But it might be worth it if the point is to keep the place as a landmark.

    I mean, really. What aspiring writer wouldn’t like to walk the grounds of a famous American author, hoping to soak up a bit of residual creativity? People have traveled to lesser places for more money.

  2. Oh do, Belinda. It’s a pretty wonderful book, though The House of Mirth is my favorite Wharton novel, followed by Glimpses of the Moon and The Custom of the Country.

    The writers retreat idea is a great one–I know I’ve been dying to get to the East Coast and visit this house, among others (which is why I’m so upset over the news of the foreclosure!).

  3. What a gorgeous house and grounds – i would expect nothing less of Edith Wharton, she is one of my favorite writers ever. Like you, I am partial to The House of Mirth (the film version with Gillian Anderson I thought was really good BTW)

    Laura (of the Virtual DIme Museum) in my WordPress guise…

  4. Wonderful post. I’ve donated money to the cause a few months ago when I first heard that it was facing foreclosure. It seems a shame that the state of Massachusetts doesn’t step in to save it. I agree with Belinda that it would be a great place like Yaddo for writers.

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